Our team comprise of highly experienced and motivated experts in Civil (hydraulic, geotechnical, structural), Environmental and  Surveying engineering, Construction Management, GIS, BIM and CAD applications. The engineering staff holds graduate, postgraduate and PhD titles from International top academic institutions.

The company and its members collaborate on a regular basis with national and international distinguished experts in order to meet specific project / services requirements. The quality management system describes all actions required to assure that all external services satisfy the company's quality policy.

Lazaros Lazarides

Founder and Managing Director

Civil Engineer (National Technical University of Athens)

Co-ordinator and project manager of multiple private and public Civil Engineering design projects, Technical Consultant & Management Services. He has been involved in many of the most significant hydraulic works implemented the past decades in the country
Expert in Hydrology, Hydraulic & Irrigation works, Dam design and Water resources Management.

Dr Spyros Michas

Managing Director

Civil Engineer (National Technical University of Athens)
MSc & DIC Environmental Engineering (Imperial College London)
PhD in Hydraulics (University of Thessaly)

Co-ordinator and project manager at all design stages in multi-disciplinary infrastructure projects, Technical Consultant & Management Services and Research Programs.
Expert in Project Management, Hydrology, Hydraulic & Irrigation works, Dam design, Water resources and Environmental Management.


Partners & Associates

Our Partners and Associates are highly experienced in all fields of expertise and have a long term collaboration. The team is continuously supported by technical and administrational staff from the Engineering and supportive departments (Quality, Tenders, Development departments, Secretariat and Financial Management).
In order to meet multi-disciplinary project demands, the team also collaborates with other engineering and scientific professional individuals and companies.

Human Resources Management

Our staff members are continuously encouraged to team work in order to expand their skills, ensure high quality outcome and contribute to ongoing technical expertise and innovation. Constant staff cooperation is aiming at:

  • offering consulting services of high quality
  • effective collaboration with the client
  • constant update of information regarding emerging technologies and work production.
  • dynamic presence and recognition in national and international basis

Key rules employed in our work are:

  • Flexible team work
  • Optimum use of human resources.
  • Application of advanced technology and IT resources.
  • high-level training and continuous education

All staff members are being educated and trained in order to apply the available knowledge and experience and advance their professional development.
Training mainly applies to scientific matters, software and hardware utilization, quality procedures and processes. Our staff members attend relevant courses, workshops, seminars and conferences and present the company's work in major national and international events.