Project description


The project goal was the implementation of the European Commission’s Water Framework Directive 60/2000. The purpose of this implementation is to establish a solid framework aiming at the protection, prevention of deterioration and further enhancement of aquatic ecosystems, promotion of sustainable water use, reduction of groundwater pollution and mitigation of floods and droughts. The part of project regarding the three river basin districts of Peloponnese in southern Greece (Western Peloponnese GR01, Nothern Peloponnese GR 02 and Eastern Peloponnese GR 03). The part of project regarding the area of Peloponnese in southern Greece, was assigned to a consortium, in which our company held the leading role. The project was assigned by the Special Water Secretarat of the Greek ministry for the Environment in 2011.


This study was separated at three phases. The documents required at each phase were:
A Phase

  • The identification of appropriate competent authorities
  • Register of protected areas
  • Economic analysis of water uses. Recovery of the costs of water services including environmental and resource costs
  • Alternative proposals of flexible water pricing policies
  • Characterisation and typology of surface water bodies. Initial and further characterisation of groundwater bodies.
  • Reference Conditions for surface water body types
  • Determination of artificial and heavily modified surface water bodies
  • Determination and analysis of human pressures on the surface and ground water bodies
  • Evaluation and classification of ecological and chemical status in surface water bodies
  • Evaluation and classification of chemical and quantitative status in groundwater bodies
  • Exemptions from the requirement to prevent further deterioration of to achive good status under specific conditions
  • List of the new projects/activities/changes with the their social and economical benefits
  • Program of measures
  • Directive 2006/118/EC "Protection of groundwater against pollution and deterioration"

B Phase

  • Drought planning
  • Evaluation of the proposed measures including cost analysis
  • Strategic environmental assessment
  • Updating Monitoring programme of surface and groundwater bodies
  • Preliminary river basin management plans

 C Phase

  • Final river basin management plans
  • Public consulation report

Thousands of maps have been produced in the process, while some 120 maps have been officially published by the Water Secretariat, as part of the officially approved River Basin Management Plans for Peloponnese, Greece

Services: Design
Design Stage: Masterplan
Expertise: Capacity building, Environmental, Geographical Information Systems, Project Management, Water Resources Management
Country: Greece
Region: Peloponnese
Client: Greek ministry for the Environment, Special Water Secretariat
Services provided: RBMP's in order to meet European Commission’s Water Framework Directive 60/2000 demands for the Peloponnese river basins districts.


The design processes included:

  • Water resources management
  • Public consultation, coordination and participation of local experts from all sections of Peloponnese
  • Economic analysis of water use
  • Existing data and studies were collected reviewed (studies, investigations, scientific research etc)
  • Programme of measures suggested to implement  Community legislation for the protection of water, to prevent o reduce the impact of accidental pollution incidents, for bodies of water which are unlikely to achieve the objectives set out under WFD.
  • Regular onsite visits and meetings with the client and experts were made
  • Documents and reports review and update
  • Validation of submitted bills of quantities and contractor payments.
  • Experienced scientific staff
  • Thousands of maps have been produced in the process of project using GIS
  • Quality control

Services current status: Approved / Partially approved


The approved documents (in Greek) implemented by Hydroexigiantiki and its partners can be found:


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