Project description


The Dam of Triantafyllia operates in combination with the Elatia Dam and the Drosopigi stream’s diversion canal. The above system is designed to achieve adequate storage based on evaluation and assessment of the available water resources from Triantafyllia and Drosopigi streams. The project is part of the general plan of the Ministry of Agriculture for the irrigation of the Florina plains in Macedonia.


It is a rockfill dam with clay core, 77m high and 560m crest length. The total volume of the dam is 2.700.000m3. The dam is founded on gneiss. Dam reservoir’s capacity is 12.000.000m3.
The spillway has discharge flow of 370m3/s (PMF), with maximum width 32m. The energy dissipation is achieved through a flip bucket and a steeling basin.
The cross-section of the diversion tunnel is of horseshoe shape with 150m radius. When the construction is over, it is converted to an intake and reservoir drain works.

Services: Consulting, Design
Design Stage: Final Design, Procurement, Tender Documents
Consulting Services: Technical
Expertise: Dams and Reservoirs, Hydrology, Procurement, Project Management, Tender documents, Water
Country: Greece
Region: Florina Prefecture
Client: Ministry of Agriculture / Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works
Services provided

Co-ordination and representation of professional individuals and companies forming the Joint Venture for the technical and managerial provision services.
For the works design:

  • hydrological study and modeling
  • water resources management
  • final dam and appurtenant structures design
  • dam break study
  • geotechnical evaluation
  • bill of quantities, technical specifications, bidding-tender documents
  • health and safety manual
  • consulting for procurement and funding

For the Technical Consultant Services:

  • design review
  • construction supervision


The technical consultant provision of services included:

  • Resident engineers. Specialised staff was assigned on site
  • Existing data were reviewed (studies, investigations etc)
  • Regular onsite visits and meetings with the client and experts were made
  • Experienced scientific staff

Services current status: Completed
Construction progress: Under construction

Hydroexigianti designed the dam works on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and partcipated at a later stage in the Tecnhical Consultant J/V for the construction of the works on behalf of Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works


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